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Steven Bodzin Steven Eric Bodzin Stephen Bodzin Steven Bodzan Stiven Bodzin Who is Steven BodzinI am a reporter, writer, investigator, editor, radio producer and occasional photographer, now writing for REDD Intelligence. I have lived in Venezuela and Chile and traveled extensively in Latin America. I speak fluent Spanish and English and can get into trouble in French. I have written for the Texas Observer, Monocle, Christian Science Monitor, Economist Intelligence Unit, Vice, Columbia Journalism Review, and many more.

These days I am focused entirely on distressed debt, after years writing about natural resources, cultural change, and the murky side of the energy industry. I used to write a blog that is mostly about energy in South America; the archive is still there for you to read. You can write me. Or check out my Twitter feed.


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Setting the record straight: A few years ago I kicked a hornet’s nest. Shortly afterward, anonymous blogs appeared, saying I was a drug-trafficking extortionist crypto-right-winger. For the record, I’m not, and never have been. I hope it’s obvious that drug kingpins don’t hire guys who go out in public like this. And that if I were interested in extortion, I would have taken the cash rather than publish that story. (In the end I spent eight months on that story and didn’t get paid a cent.) As for my political beliefs? Just ask.

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